Bob Bishop in the News

17 08 2009

MagicFest 2009 in Twin Falls Twin Falls, ID news (To the video follow this link)
By Rachael Giffoni Story Published: Aug 1, 2009 at 10:32 PM CDT

“It was a magical day in Historic Downtown Twin Falls, with the 2009 MagicFest in full swing.

The festival ran from July 31st and will continue to August 2nd.

The magic was coordinated by Kip Sherry Magic and six other Idaho magicians.

Magician Bob Bishop said, “We’ve been doing some close-up magic, some stage magic, illusions and card tricks and coin tricks, and a lot of laughter, a lot of comedy, just to bring joy to people.”

Merchants throughout historic downtown sponsored over 70 hours of individual magic performances. The show is an effort to boost the revitalization of historic downtown. It was about a year in the making.

For Bishop, it’s a chance to bring joy to others.

Bishop said, “I enjoy bringing happiness and joy to other people. There’s a lot of mystery. I think people have lost the mystery, the wonder of life. Magic is that fun way of bringing mystery and wonder back to life.”

Twin Falls Mayor Lance Clow says he hopes to make the magic show a permanent part of the Magic Valley.”



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