Creativity Warm-ups to Try with Your Students

22 08 2009



Make up some explanations for how the saying “Fit as a fiddle” first came into being.

Complete this figure of speech as many times as you can: “It is as tall as ……………………..”

Name five different ways to order chicken in a restaurant where you don’t speak the language.

A new color has been identified. Give it a name and describe it.

A new food product has been introduced. It is a big hit and is called “Belly Snaps.” Describe it.

Look around you right now. Name as many things as you can in the next three minutes that begin with the letter “R.”

Tell yourself you why you are creative. Be very complimentary and list specific examples.

What improvements could be made on highlighter pens?

A new child’s toy has been introduced to the market. It is called a Spicker Kicker. What is it?

List as many words as you can think of in two minutes beginning with “pro.”

Devise three improvements on television sets.

Think of ten things you would automate in your house, so all you have to do is call from a phone and these auto functions would begin.

You work with a very uncreative person. Think of five things you could do to help this person to be more creative.

A dooglehouser is a new household appliance. Describe it and tell its function.

A kaboom is a part of all modern automobiles. What is its function?

You are walking through the woods and see a strange looking animal making the sound, “Snork, snork, snork.” You are later told by a zoologist that a new species has been discovered and that it makes the “snork” sound. This zoologist has never seen this new species. Tell the zoologist what you saw.

You are visiting Tongo Bongo, and the local people offer you one of their most prized delicacies. It is called, “Gliff.” Describe its appearance, its taste and odor, the manner in which it is served and how it is eaten.

You have the opportunity to talk with an extraterrestrial being. What would be the first three questions you would ask?

A computer has been invented so intelligent that it can answer accurately any question put to it. What three questions would you ask it?

Make up a list of as many two syllable words as you can in the next two minutes.

Double Play is a new candy bar on the market. Describe it.

When one person yawns, someone else usually follows. Make up a story as to why yawns are “catching.”

Weather forecasters can now predict all changes in weather l00% accurately. List five differences this would make.

Pretend that all students in school are required to take a course that teaches them how to be more creative. What are the main things taught in this course?

What if no one could lie? List 5 significant things that would change in the world if this were true.

Write as many words as you can think of beginning with the letter “n.”

You have the power to reinvent the rainbow. What changes would you make?

What if humans did not use names? What other strategies could we use to address each other?

Make up a list of activities people could do while standing in a line. These must be socially acceptable activities! Choose your best answer from your list.

Organs have foot pedals. What if we used foot pedals for computers? What computer functions would you attach to the pedals?

Describe 5  improvements you would make to the human hand.

Tell a short story of a planet where intelligent creatures have eyeballs on their fingertips. The planet is very cold, so whenever people step outside, they have to cover their hands.

A brand new magazine has just been created. It’s unlike any others that have been on the market thus far. What is the name of this magazine, and what is its focus?

List as many words as you can in two minutes with four exactly syllables.

Imagine you are a person from another planet. You go back home to try to explain why men on earth wear ties.

You are a genetic engineer creating a new species of fish, using the best features of mammals. Describe your fish. Name it.

Plan the best imaginable birthday party for yourself.

A man runs into McDonald’s and buys 40 of the newest toy that McDonald’s is promoting. The man has no children and it is in the middle of a work day. Why is he doing this?

Cars have mirrors placed on the inside of sun visors. List 5 other places where it would be useful to have mirrors where they normally aren’t.

Finish this sentence 20 times: Computers are __________________________.



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