More Motivational Quotes by Students

29 08 2009

hat&wand1You can enjoy life so much more if you honestly have a true passion.

 Olivia Ware (4th grade student)


When you have a passion, you may have trouble ding it, but the good thing is that you feel energized by it.  It is true because, although it can be difficult, it feels good, I think that passion is nice because of the energizing part. 

 Steve Maier (5th grade student)


I believe that if I push myself and go beyond the limit, I will succeed and go farther in life.

    Dylan Miller-Forbes (5th grade student)


Thinking lets me write better stories, but I don’t have to think after my pencil begins its work.  The pencil just moves.

    Connor Boland (5th grade student)


You get bored with things that come easily, but like things that you work for.

       Krystal Bruce (5th grade student)


Passion may have obstacles.  If it truly is a passion. The obstacles are overwhelmed by the passion.

                                                                Aaron Williard (5th grade student)

 In order to succeed in something, you have to have a passion for that thing.  Also, in life, if you want to succeed, you must have a passion for life.

                                                   Dylan Miller-Forbes (5th grade student)

 It is possible to satiate one’s stomach, but impossible to satiate one=s mind.

                                                             Felix Fritsch (5th grade student)

 If you have altered someone’s life you have an impact on the world.

                                                          Felix Fritsch (5th grade student)

One must be able to try new things and raise the bar to have a passion.

                                                         Aaron Williard (5th grade student)

If you really want to live, you should do your best.

                                                                        Krystal Bruce (5th grade student)

If you aim at something you know you can easily get, why aim for it?

                                                                          Krystal Bruce (5th grade student)



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