Even More Motivational Quotes by Students

2 09 2009


If you truly understood your passion, you would know everything about it.       To me, that seems boring.

Aaron Williard (5th grade student)

Passion is a journey with no boundaries.   It takes you to a land you have never known.

Brian Sorensen (5th grade student)

Following a passion is not easy, and to fulfill your dreams needs drive and inspiration.

Michael Hungerford (6th grade student)

Passion is a necessity, an inspiration, a thing that adds zest and hope to your life.

Dylan Goldade (6th grade student)

A true artist does not paint because he is forced to, rather because he is full of passion and love for what she is doing.

Dylan Goldade (6th grade student)

Life is full of problems and solutions, and the more you know about one thing, the better equipped you are for other things.

Michael Hungerford (6th grade student)


To do things that are significant in life, you need to have a passion.  Without a passion yo would be aimlessly wandering around, accomplishing nothing. With a passion you know what you love and you do things to help you know more about you passion.

Abby Miller (6th grade student)

You must try diving into responsibility before saying you can’t swim.

Emily Fisher (6th grade student)

To have a true passion you must have the will and the perseverence to pursue it.

Michael Hungerford (6th grade student)




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4 09 2009
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I’m always amazed at the genius that comes out of children’s mouths. Kids are sponges to information and sometimes I don’t think adults and teachers fully appreciate their thirst for knowledge and their ability to comprehend.

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