Children Learn What They Live (an educational adaptation)

3 09 2009

of Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte

If a child lives with books, storytelling, and reading aloud on his parents’ laps he learns to enjoy reading.

If a child lives with notes and letters exchanged in the course of his family life, he learns to enjoy writing.

If a child has conversation with parents and siblings around the dinner table, and while working and playing together, he learns good language and listening skills.

If a child has time and encouragement to develop his own plans and carry our projects, he learns initiative.

If a child learns to finish jobs at home and to get his school work and homework done readily, he learns responsibility and task-commitment.

If a child is taught to be organized with his books and possessions at home, he learns to be reliable with the hundreds of handouts, tests and materials that cross his desk at school.

If a child’s learning style and strengths are discovered and respected, he becomes an active learner and grows in confidence.

If a child’s questions are encouraged, his curiosity flourishes and he has a sense of wonder about the world.

If a child has stability and security at home, he had inner stability and can focus and concentrate on his studies and achieve in school tasks.

If a child lives with positive expectations and has success in meeting them, he gains motivation for the challenges ahead.



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