Life Lessons From Brittany Bishop

13 09 2009

These life lessons were written by my daughter Brittany when she was 10 years old.  They were written as an exercise of drawing simple life lessons from ordinary experiences from life.

You can’t rewind life.

If you meet a  skunk make friends or run away.

If you name your store make sure it has a good name.

When you travel read the signs.

Learn a new language.

Easy is not always better.

It’s not boring with someone you like.

People most always miss the obvious.

We would see a lot more if we learn to see.

It’s easy to look but we have to learn to see.

If you’re with a teacher you like you have a better chance at doing better at school.

You mostly have room for cake but not always for broccoli.

If you are drawing a horse and it looks like a turtle, make it a turtle.

Sharing is when you give somebody cookies rather than a baloney sandwich.

Questions show you are interested.

Babies understand with their mouth.  Kids understand with their hands and adults understand with their ears.

A good conversation is like a journey and each word is like a pathway.

When you understand a strategy of a game it is less frustrating.

When you answer a question your learning is done.

When you forget things you have to go back for them.

Things don’t go right when you’re hungry.

Whining may sound musical but it is very annoying.

You might get surprises if you don’t demand things.

To know how to get somewhere you need a map.

To get life lessons you need experiences.

You can learn a lot from road signs.

You need to learn how to yield and not block intersections.



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