How to be a Creative Genius #6

24 12 2009

Life Lessons for the childhood of Einstein

6.  Build precision and persistence in all you do.

  As a child I loved a solitary game that required patience and precision. I would take playing cards and pile them up one at a time.  I would build things with these cards.  I would add more cards and build more with these cards.  This process of adding cards seem never ending.  I would not give up.  I was determined to build something taller and taller.  I never gave up on a problem no matter how difficult it was or how long it took.  I was building patience one card at a time.

 I would never give up.  It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.  I built concentration and diligence which would serve me well in my later research. 

 I was determined to stay at a problem until I found some understanding. I was building precision- to be exact.  I built card towers one card at a time. One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved.  One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.

 Persistence and tenacity were becoming part of my character.  I would build with these cards until they became a large card castle.

  My sister did not have the persistence like I did to stay at this. One time my card castle was 14 stories high. Not just with card towers but whatever you do …do it as precise as you can.  Persist at it until you get it right. Build not just card towers but the ability to persist at precision.  Be precise and persistent in your quests and questions.

 Build precision and persistence in all you do.




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