How to be a Creative Genius #8

30 12 2009

Life Lessons from the childhood of Einstein

8.   Immerse yourself in a stimulating environment

        My family encouraged my curiosity. They provided books and emotional support. They valued education and gave me a stimulating environment.   There was peace in the family. My Uncle had an engineering company. My father was an amateur electrical inventor. 

         It was electricity that fascinated me.  It was invisible, powerful, dangerous and magical.  Electricity was like some mysterious secret.  I pestered my father and uncle with lots of questions.  How fast is electricity?

        Is there a way you can see electricity?

        What is it made of?

 Mother stimulated me with literature, music, the art of Michelangelo

My parents encouraged my independence and curiosity. 

They made learning fun and challenged me with interesting examples.

  My Uncle Jakob was a strong influence in my life. He gave me math books about algebra and geometry.  Uncle Jakob described algebra as “a fun science”.   He said algebra could be compared to hunting a little animal. You did not know the name of the animal, so you called it “X”. It would hide from you. You would hunt all over for this animal.  I would try to find this animal.  Then when I finally found the animal, I would capture it and gave it the correct name.

 Once a week my parents invited a poor medical student, Max Talmey to eat with us. Max brought science books to share with me, and we became good friends. He taught me the Geometry game. We would find shapes in all places of our house. My family made learning fun for me and also provided a model for teaching that I would later use. In the future I would explain my theories by using everyday examples of trains, elevators, and ships. 

 Immerse yourself in a stimulating environment




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