Personal Symbols for Creativity

17 02 2010

  What motivates your Creativity?           

   When we think of an idea we often picture a light bulb over someone’s head representing the idea light switching on. 

  For many famous inventors there were objects that became

life-long metaphors for their creativity.

These objects produced a sense of wonder that ignited their inventiveness.

 For Einstein, it was a compass

For the Wright Brothers, it was a toy rubber-band-driven helicopter

For Buckminster Fuller, it was blocks

For Edison, it was two sacks of grain

For Samuel Colt, it was explosives

For Seymour Papert (inventor of programming language LOGO),

 it was gears

For Alexander Graham Bell, it was the mechanism of sound

 So if they had these metaphors of wonder they may have had a different symbol for creativity.  What would be your metaphor of wonder?

 What would be your personal symbol for creativity?



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