“Mythconceptions” about Creativity

16 02 2011

 1.  To be creative means imagining or doing something completely new.

 2.  Only experts or a gifted people are creative.

 3.  Ideas are like magic.  You don’t have to work for them.

 4.  Creativity is a natural talent and cannot be taught.

 5.  Creativity comes from rebels.

 6.  Creativity is only for the arts.

 7.  Only smart people are creative.

 8.  Creativity is a right brain action and I am more left brain.

 9.  I’m just not very creative.

What would you add???




One response

16 02 2011
Julie Larson

A great list Bob! Here’s a few more…

Restrictions keep you from being Creative
Creative people always have great ideas
Creativity is another word for daydreaming
Either you are born creative or you are not
Watching TV helps your creativity

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