How Does a Creative Person Think?

16 02 2011

(based on ideas by Torrance)

 Fluency:  Thinking of many ideas

          The free flow of thought

          The generation of quantity, the most

          A large number of relevant responses

 Flexibility: Thinking of different ways to do or use things.

          Providing for shifts in categories of thought

          Entertaining differing points of view

          Considering alternate plans

 Originality: Thinking of different, unique things.

           The production of unusual or unanticipated responses

          Characterized by novelty and uniqueness

          Clever, remote, unusual, inventive responses

 Elaboration: Adding details and embellishments to an idea.

            To refine, embellish, or enrich an idea, plan or product

            To make a simple idea or response elegant by adding detail

            To provide illuminating, descriptive dimensions

Metaphorical: Thinking of ways to connect dissimilar things  

             To connect ideas and objects with analogies

             To call attention to a similarity between two dissimilar things

             To make the strange familiar and the familiar strange




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