My Dreams by Ciera Johnson 6th grade

6 12 2011

I dream of families having no fears, hatred, and no negativity, but have peace, love, and care.

A mom somewhere wakes up an crafts an art with food, and the daddy works to put that food in the moms hands, and kids waking up to eat that food that the mom crafted, and that the dad worked so hard for.

A daddy somewhere else wakes up and goes to work, and the mom wakes up muttering complaints about her family and life, slaps together some milk and cereal and goes back to sleep in her smoke covered room and bed. The only child trudges downstairs ignoring the time with messy hair and jeans and shirt he wore yesterday. He stuffs his face with the cereal, then walks across town to school arriving late at fourth period.

The second family lives with with hatred for each other but the first family trusts, loves, and cares for each other. They are thankful for the little things they have, and are proud of how hard they work for it.

I dream that all families act not as the second family, but as the first, the family who loves each other, and is thankful for the little they have.



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