My Dreams by Lindsey Habig 5th grade

11 12 2011

The art of believing dreams

Scorches the sides of my mind

And changes the rhythm of my thoughts

And I, I would want to live my life

Just like my ancestors for years to come

The hard work, the saltwater tears,

The intense burn of the fire

I strive for that life where nobody cares

About a person’s race, personality or epidermis

Where everyone knows only what they need to know

And understands only who they really are

“Genius is eternal patience,” Michelangelo once spilled his thoughts into the air

Leaves only fall if they want to

And walls only crumble if they feel like it

People don’t need to make a living

Everyone does what they love most

Erasers are only used for fixing

Not washing something away

Elements don’t need to separate

They are all one of a kind already

And these dreams mix around in my head

Because they are ready to show

The world what they can really do…




One response

13 12 2011
Krystin Roske

Great post!

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