Hard Work Beats Talent by Lindsey Habig 5th grade

12 12 2011

One must try to stand out and make theirself heard. No one should efface theirself into the crowd, because they will have trouble achieving their dreams. If a person has talent, that talent will never show if they fail to work industriously. Nobody obtains the effrontery of being perfect, or being able to know how to accomplish everything right from the start. It takes 10,000 hours of cerebration until one becomes an expert at their profession. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” as Tim Notke once proclaimed.

Life does not come in perfect, pint sized amounts, but instead in irregular surges like waves might hit a vulnerable beach. Some days become extensive and protracted, while others come brief and swift. Although gargantuan amounts of work might slow you down, you have the gift of a positive attitude that will fight for the rest of your life. Supercilious people will challenge you from time to time, but you can win them over with persistence, attentiveness, deliberateness, and flexibility. Using these traits, I will definitely become an independent scholar. I will not think of myself as the talented person who does everything perfectly, but instead as the person who works hard when talent fails.




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