How can I develop metacognition (reflection) skills? by Ryan Quinn 5th grade

12 12 2011

If I was stranded in the desert of life right now, with only a few meager tools, expected to reach the oasis of metacognition, it would be quite simple to make it there.

A sharp stick of practice could help dig for water of staying on track. A stone of perspective could assist in realizing what life is like for the food I could find in the desert, which is crucial to develop metecognition. Most importantly, I would need to learn from what I do, and reflect on what I did. If I stepped on a cactus of discouragement, I would reflect on that and say “Don’t do that again.”

With these tools I could develop my way to the lush oasis of metacognition, by reflecting, practicing, and using perspective. “I cannot teach anyone anything, I can only make them think,” Socrates.



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