How can you dare to dream? by Ciera Johnson 6th grade

14 12 2011

A boring life.  Most people fear it.

To avoid that kind of life, you can set goals, keep a journal, and practice persistence. By setting goals you can push yourself to your best possible effort, and so you can obtain the best of the best of your time here on Earth. By keeping a journal, you can write down your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Without it you could become lost in thought, and not start fresh every day. You do not want to reuse bathtub water every time you need a bath, so you drain it when you are done, and refill it when the time comes.

Finally, by practicing persistence you can follow up on your dreams and not let anyone say that they are impossible, or that you will not follow up on them. As a result, you can avoid a boring and dull life by dreaming big.

As Rachel Carson once declared, “I won’t be labeled as average.”

By setting goals, keeping a journal, and practicing persistence. You do not have to be an ordinary person anymore, but a new generation of being extraordinary.



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