Opening Wings (a 5th grade view of creative education) by Lindsay Habig 5th grade

20 12 2011

If one was to understand by creating, they would be the smartest person in the universe.

They could read words that had never been written.

They could sculpt the impossible and believe in the far away lands.

They could climb the highest mountain or dive into the deepest sea.

If only memorization would be thrown to the mice and grouse that lived in the damp alley,then everybody could be this person. Every soul in the world has grown wings, but many souls don’t know how to fly. This person does.

Forget the memorizing and reciting. It strips away the questions of the minds and allows blankness to take its place. Many people fall into this trap, but the talented ones, the ones who realize the use of their wings, they are able to fly out.

No matter the profession, everyone still has wings, slowly unfolding, just waiting to fly.



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