Free at Last (Reflections on Martin Luther King) by Venec Miller 6th grade

16 01 2012

“Free at last, Free at last!”

Martin Luther King Junior’s words rang out like a song jay, echoing through people’s minds, Negros and whites alike, for many years after. They rang like steel on steel, a battle call. They had the poetic flow of Poe, Frost, and many others. They showed the complexity of a wise old man, and the youthful enthusiasm of a young man living his passion.

King pointed out the harsh heat of hatred in Birmingham, Alabama, and Detroit. At the same time, however, he sowed and watered the seeds of the United States of America, the real one, not just the U.S.A. He filled the citizens with hope, and shook a stable social system from its nice concrete casing. He riveted not only the United States, but also the whole world.

These words gave thousands, millions, even billions of people hope. These words permanently changed the history of the world. These words make up one of the most influential speeches of the world.




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