The Magnificent Black Widow by Lindsey Habig 5th grade

23 01 2012

“A deadly spider,” as some would say,

But their stunning orb webs blow your mind away!

The female, a black venomous spider indeed,

However the tan males are in lack of that need.

Upon the female abdomen you’d acquire a surprise,

As a colorful hourglass would meet your eyes!

A combined eight types of silk would definitely appeal,

But only the stretchy one will catch the best meal.

The female alone would dine at this feast,

For just after mating, she swallows the fatherly beast!

Latroxin is injected through a powerful bite,

Although with medical care, everything is all right.

This magnificent spider doesn’t need your gracious affair,

It can fend for itself in the cool night air.




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