How do I find my passion? by Ryan Q 5th grade

24 01 2012

To find my passion, I experiment and take observations. Experimenting with different subjects is a common practice I do, and I take mental notes and observe anything that could lead to my passion. One little detail that slips past an eye, one little slip, could lose the most intriguing passion I have ever known. I always have my eyes open, my ears listening, and even my nose smelling to catch a passion. These powerful senses are ready to catch those tiny slips, for one missed word on a sign could lose a passion.

I observe to see if something is missing in my life, or if one subject is to empty, or bland. I always finish signs I read the best I can, to discover a possible passion. A passion is influential on a person’s life, and I always am trying to find the most influential one, the one that speaks loudest to me. “Your work is to discover your work, and then with all your heart to give yourself to it,” Buddha.



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