How Have I Practiced Resilience in a gifted class? Nate Lanza 5th grade

24 01 2012

Resilience is a great trait to have. If you can bounce back, life will be like an eternal trampoline, so when you fall off the high wire, you will simply bounce back. Early in life, you will fail commonly. However, this can be good. Failing builds resilience. The more you fail, the more resilience you will have. When I first came into a full-time GATE classroom, I started too fail miserably. But I learned from my mistakes.Now, I am getting high grades, all due to resilience. I constructed mytrampoline.

Some people use the material provided by failure to build a concrete landing area instead of a trampoline. Some people act perfectionist,fearing failure so much that they don’t try new things. They walk onto the highwire with all the support they can get, intent on not falling at all. However, ifthey let their support do all the work, they will eventually fall, withcatastrophic results. You need resilience. When I fail, I use it to build my trampoline, an example I hope other people follow.



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