The Creative Magic of Mr. X

31 03 2012

“Bob’s performance served to bring the conference to a fun climax because the audience saw the speakers having fun; their topics highlighted and were amazed at the illusions and roaring with laughter at the humor.”

Bob Bishop is a motivational speaker, magician, amusionist and educator. Thousands of audiences and groups have experienced the creative magic of Bob. He has performed in New Jersey, Detroit, Pasadena, Taiwan and Idaho. You may have seen him performing in many restaurants in Boise, at the 2009,2010 and 2011 Idaho’s Festival of Trees and Breakfast with Santa, or performing with Henry Winkler at the World Special Olympics fund raiser banquet.

He is more than a magician, more than a motivational speaker and more than storyteller. His goal is to spark the creative magic in everyone he speaks to. For more than two decades he has entertained and inspired individuals to live up to their potential. Bob has a passion to bring wonder, to ignite creativity and to inspire others to make a difference.

Why Mister X?
With thirty years as a professional magician (performing for restaurants, bookstores, schools, conventions, conferences, banquets, parties, trade shows and libraries), Mister X knows how to create memorable magical interludes for any age.

Not only does Mr. X perform on stage and parties, he specializes in close-up performances.
Table side or walk around magic can help your restaurant or gathering run smoothly by offering classy casual fun while guests are waiting or in between conversations.
Mister X performs miniature magic shows that will lock that special event in the minds of the guests. He is an expert at creating unique innovative magical effects that are designed especially for your needs. Mister X (Bob Bishop) creates Memorable Moments in Magic by:
*Involving audience members in the magical presentations
*Hooking the audiences’ emotions with sensory impact
*Freezing the magical effect (and your product or event) in the minds of the spectators
*Transforming borrowed objects magically to incorporate product slogans and company names
*Creating unique innovative effects designed especially for your company or event needs

Moving from table to table, the Roving Wizard serves a 5-10 minute program right on the table top of your guests. The Table side Conjurer creates his show out of the barest essentials–miniature props he carries around in the pockets of his tuxedo and humorous stories to go along with them.

Magic on television may seem unbelievable, but moved to only a foot away it becomes totally unexplainable. And because Mister X is so close to his audience, he involves the guests in every illusion.

Mister X (AKA Bob Bishop) has appeared in the News and the Idaho Statesman many times. He is known in Idaho as the Math Magician and also uses illusions and magic as an educational tool with elementary school students. His humor, sleight of hand, showmanship and creativity make Mister X a popular guest speaker, stage entertainer, close-up magician and “Amusionist”.

“Professional” “ humorous” “ amazing” “motivational”

Mister X excels as an experienced expert at exhibiting extraordinary, exhilarating and explosive magical experiences.





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