Bring the Magic of Math to your School!!!

11 08 2012

Bob Bishop (Mr. X) has been known as Idaho’s Math Magician for 17 years. He has visited hundreds of schools in Idaho as well as other states and internationally.   He has gained much media notoriety as the Math Magician from television to many newspaper articles (including the Idaho Statesman Life Section).  Bill Roberts of the Idaho Statesman says, “He focuses on showing kids the fun angles of math and helping students overcome “math-a phobia”. Bob has spoken at the Idaho School boards Association convention and has won many awards for teaching and his math students have also won many math awards.  He was recently awarded the GEM award for teaching Idaho’s gifted students. He has helped coordinate Micron’s Math Meet for over 12 years, has taught university classes in teacher development in mathematics, has taught for the Bureau of Education (BER), and is certified in Brain-based education, has taught ICTM math conventions and have been a trainer at the Edu-fest gifted conference for 16 years.   Recently he presented his Magic of Math program as well as his Thinking like a Genius (playing the role of Albert Einstein) to the teachers and students in Taiwan.

Bob says,

In my experience working with students I have noticed a continued weakness in math skills and a need to teach math in a way that will inspire elementary students to love math at an early age.

The idea that would help address this need and dovetail with the Math Initiative is a hands-on interactive school program for all elementary school age students.  It is a vision of bringing the Magic of Math programs to every elementary classroom in Idaho to help equip teachers and students with the joy of learning and teaching mathematics.  What it offers is an additional boost of excitement and enthusiasm for math.

 What I would like to offer is the Magic of Math presentations.  I, as the Math Magician, would visit schools and teach students, teachers and coordinate a family Magic of Math evening.  I have coordinated math nights for many years with great success. 

I have many testimonials from teachers and parents about the benefits of the Magic of Math program (from the teacher inservices of games and activities, class visitations and math nights) you may read upon request. 

As a resident Math Magician, I would like to visit every classroom of  the schools desiring this program and give standard based grade aligned activities that would blend hands-on activities, interactive games, and math magic (discrepant math events that inspire inquiry and investigations) that the teachers can build upon.

I would provide inservice training for the teachers by teaching state and nationally aligned math games and activities that will empower teachers with methods to teach the school curriculum in motivating and memorable ways. This would parallel the professional development training that the teachers are receiving.

Trained in brain-compatible teaching methods, I would train teachers to motivate students to learn math and problem solving techniques.”

Bring the Magic of Math to your School this year!!!

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