The Math Magician Expand your brain with Mr. X!!

27 08 2013
Bob Bishop is internationally known as the Math Magician. He visits many school each year to share the wonder of math. He has traveled from Boston to Los Angeles to Taiwan amazing and motivating teachers and students.Appearing as Mister X (The Illusionist), The Math Magician, Einstein, or even the Zany Dr. Lamebrain, he teaches teachers with keynotes and workshops and gives students long remembered workshops and assemblies. His classroom experience and training in brain-based education gives him unique insight into the vital need for quality math education to keep our country on the innovative edge.Bob Bishop, creator of Odyssey Learning Adventures, has loved math, games, and puzzles since he was a child. He shares from his passion to motivate students to love math. He has been a classroom teacher for Elementary, High School and Middle school for over 20 years.

Bob’s commitment and passion for math are obvious as he teaches. Bob’s programs are fun, dynamic and intellectually engaging.

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