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This site is dedicated to teachers, parents, employers, employees, students and anyone interested in motivating themselves and others.  If your desire is to ignite yourself and others to use their full potential this website will provide ideas, articles, quotes and book suggestions that may help.

If you want to visit a particular category use the category listing:

–  For Parents contains resources for parents to encourage their children

For Teachers contains classroom ideas for classroom motivation

Gifted Education contains resources specifically for teachers and parents of gifted children

Self-motivation for Everyone contains ideas for students, employers and employees

Motivational Quotes contains uplifting, encouraging or kick-in-the-pants quotes to motivate

Resources contains books and articles with comments to help in the motivation process

Creativity contains ideas to ignite and inspire creative expression and productivity

Motivational Speaking Engagements contains an update on what Bob is doing

One response

25 04 2012
Johnny Tujeehut

I find the site very refreshing.
Most of the concepts I already found to be important when I started my teaching profession in the 1970’s in Curacao.
being a adult-educator and trainer I have enriched my knowledge through scientific study of the human-behaviour.
One “new theory” I would like to recommend to mr. Bob Bishop is the Motivational Sensitivy Profiling of dr Steven Reiss; a revolutionary breaktrough in the knowledge of human behaviour. What motivates us.

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