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bob pictureBob Bishop is a motivational speaker, magician, amusionist and educator. Thousands of audiences and groups have experienced the creative magic of Bob. He is more than a magician, more than a motivational speaker and more than storyteller. His goal is to spark the creative magic in everyone he speaks to. For almost two decades he has entertained and inspired individuals to live up to their potential. Bob has a passion to bring wonder, to ignite creativity and to inspire others to make a difference.

He is known in Idaho for performing as the Math Magician and training teachers how to improve math skills in students. Bob is a certified trainer by the Jensen Learning Company (training professionals with the most innovative Brain-Based concepts). He speaks at many Math and Gifted conferences yearly. He has been one of the major speakers at the Edufest conference at Idaho for thirteen years. Not only has Bob served as an educational consultant but he has been a creative consultant for Hewlett-Packard and a communication speaker for Idaho Power. He speaks at many summer camps and brings his magic shows to conventions, company picnics and county fairs.

The 2008 Gem Award

Bob Bishop is a friend of gifted children!

He has a mind that is prolific in creating course materials, books, games, and ideas for improving gifted education.

He is professionally inviting as he asks colleagues to team teach an Edufest strand.  In discussions of gifted topics you hear “let’s talk,” and “have you read…?”

He has his students model the boards games they created in his class, showing us not only how to play the games but also what successful teaching and excited learning looks like.

He loves his family, finding a unique balance by inviting his daughters and son to join him in teaching.

To call his presentations enthusiastic is an understatement.  His love for teaching gifted children is absolutely contagious.  Under his direction you catch a vision of possibilities for your own work.

He continually learns, not only from his twenty years as a public educator at all levels, but also from his curiosity.  Because of his learning, he has become a magician with math and is able to teach professionals about Brain-Based Learning.  His is interested in math, writing, classic literature, logic, music, art appreciation, movie making, chess, creativity, and problem solving.  In all of this his eyes are on his students and their future.

Idaho’s gifted children, parents and educators owe much to Bob’s abilities and enduring dedication but most of all, his heart.


Recognizes and Thanks

Bob Bishop

For His Contribution to

Gifted Education Milestones

For the State of Idaho



Bethany College, Scotts Valley, California, Teachers Credential, 1991

Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon, M. Div, 1983

San Jose State University, San Jose, California, B.A., Philosophy/Religious Studies, 1979

West Valley College, Saratoga, California, A.A., General Studies, 1977

Robert Bishop has taught the Gifted and Talented students in the Boise School District for twelve years.  He is also known as Idaho’s Math Magician.  He is known in Idaho for performing as the Math Magician and training teachers how to improve math skills in students. Bob has been in the Idaho Statesman several times as the math magician The Life section in 1996 says: “His business, Odyssey Learning Adventures, focuses on showing kids the fun angles of math and other subjects. His business takes him into lots of classrooms in Boise.  He also brings his ideas for creativity to corporations where he challenges adults to try new things”.

I have known and worked with Mr. Bishop for the past eleven years.  I have observed him present at national conferences for gifted and talented educators (Edufest 1997-2008).  I have had the privilege of visiting his classroom and enjoying the atmosphere he sets with his students. I have attended several of his math Magic exhibitions.  The exposure to the wit and wisdom of Bob Bishop has indelibly impressed upon me his dedication to his students and effective teaching, his commitment to include humor in his presentations and personal interactions, and his personal high standards of achievement for himself and his students. Observing Bob at work in any environment will stimulate recollections of Socrates and Aristotle-Socrates for his incessant use of questions, and Aristotle for his demand for evidence for student opinions.

Larry Rogien  (Education Dept. Head Boise State University)

One teacher who has observed Bob for years has said….

Bob Bishops special skills as an educator, creative teacher, author, curriculum developer and professional magician put everything he teaches into sharp focus.  His research abilities, creative style, high energy deliveries, practical applications and humor make him a sought-after presenter.

After teaching junior high, senior high, college and adult students for over a decade, Bob has been well received as a popular presenter for seminars, conventions, camps, and retreats.  He has served not only as a teacher but as an administrator and educational consultant.  This mixture of experience as a magician and educator makes his presentations a unique blend of entertainment and sound pedagogy.

Bob cannot be categorized in just one field.  To follow him around for any length of time is to be amazed at his multi-dimensional talents.  One might find him presenting magic at a birthday party or presenting table-side magic at a restaurant.  The next day one could find him leading a day-long seminar of corporate managers or a room full of elementary school teachers.

When you watch Bob, it is obvious that his desire goes beyond entertainment and instruction.  Watching him work with a group of students, mixing magic and mathematics, is to be amazed at his ability to completely involve a very difficult audience.  Those who participate in his workshops are invited to go beyond the ordinary boundaries of thought.  He stimulates curiosity, creativity and a confidence in those that he works with, whether they be children, teachers, or engineers for major corporations.

Nick Johnson (teacher)

As a Magician…………………

Mister X (AKA Bob Bishop) has been entertaining others in magic for over 30 years. He has recently performed in Taiwan, New Jersey, Detroit, Pasadena, and Anaheim. He is known in Idaho as the Math Magician and also uses illusions and magic as an educational tool with elementary school students. His humor, sleight of hand, showmanship and creativity make Mister X a popular guest speaker, stage entertainer, close-up magician and “Amusionist.”

Mister X excels as an experienced expert at exhibiting extraordinary, exhilarating and explosive magical experiences.

As a Roving Wizard he serves a 5-10 minute program right in front of your eyes. Bob creates his show out of the barest essentials – miniature props he carries around in the pockets of his tuxedo and humorous stories to go along with them.

Magic on television may seem unbelievable, but moved to only a foot away it becomes totally unexplainable. And because Mister X is so close to his audience, he involves the guests in every illusion.

Why Mister X?
With thirty years as a professional magician (performing for restaurants, bookstores, schools, conventions, conferences, banquets, parties, trade shows and libraries), Mister X knows how to create memorable magical interludes for any age.

Mister X performs miniature magic shows that will lock that special event in the minds of the guests. He is an expert at creating unique innovative magical effects that ignite the imagination of all ages.

See his website at ……………http://odysseylearningadventures.com/

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Very helpful

17 02 2011
Cindy Sundvik

This is an outstanding blog!

1 12 2011
Los Angeles Magician

Bob is a terrific educator and magician. If you ever get a chance to learn from him, don’t miss it.

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