Performance Pictures of Bob Bishop

4 10 2009

These are pictures of Bob Bishop performing

in Taipei, Taiwan.

Teipei 103

Teipei 053

2008 010

This picture is Bob Bishop performing at the Special Olympics Banquet in Idaho.


Math Magician helps Students to Want to Study Numbers USA

17 09 2009

By Courtney Cobb – Journal Writer


POCATELLO, IDAHO – A new spin has been put on mathematics as Tendoy Elementary students use some magic to study various math concepts.

Bob Bishop, the Math Magician, has delighted students in kindergarten through sixth grade and teachers with his magic skills and math abilities over the past week.

“Math is so necessary in life,” he said. “It’s not just making math fun, but it’s also trying to attach some sense of understanding for students.”

Fifth grade teacher Vicki Reeder’s class had the opportunity to spend some time with Bishop while working on problem solving skills.

Students worked with calculators, the box of magic, learned how to do multiplication tables with their fingers, played a game called fast and loose and other activities.

During a game of fast and loose, Bishop produced a single chain and proceeded to fold it into a series of loops.

Students were asked to pick a loop and place their finger inside it. If they had guessed correctly the loop would stay around their finger. However, if they guessed incorrectly, the loop would slip away.

“You will win if you know mathematics, but you’ll lose if you don’t,” Bishop said.

Students learned how to follow the loops and determine the correct place to put their fingers.

Bishop has been performing for students and other audiences for 10 years and says he continually teaches students and teachers how math can be fun.

He said many students work with arithmetic but don’t fully understand problem solving skills.

With the help of a little magic, students are forced to observe the environment around them for any changes and think about possible outcomes.

“Generally students don’t really care to do math because it’s not fun,” Bishop said. “By making it interesting and proving to them they can do it, it helps to raise their self-esteem and interest level in math.”

Bishop will perform along with Tendoy Elementary students at 6:30 p.m. today for a Math Night.

Fifth grade student Quinci Shelley is acting as Bishop’s assistant during the show and said she can’t wait to perform for other students.

“I think it’s cool and it’s a good opportunity for us,” she said. “Some people don’t like math, but when they see this show it sparks their interest.”

Fifth grade student Brant Leo will lead the audience in applause, but said working with Bishop has been great because he’s learned new things.

“He’s helping students to improve their math by using cool tricks,” he said.

Bishop also worked with teachers after school and gave them various activities they can do with students in their classrooms.

“By making math fun, students will learn to enjoy it more and it will give them a sense of pride as they figure out difficult problems,” he said.

Bob Bishop in the News

17 09 2009

Bob, the Mad Scientist Magician!!!!!

Bob Bishop has been busy teaching and performing.  He has created a large stage magic program seen on his website.  This program was performed at many YMCA and Boys and Girls clubs in Idaho.

Most recently he performed a motivational presentation with JohnTyler

Here is a a short video of John and Bob  at the Curb Cup Street Performer celebration in Boise Idaho.

Here is a further description

Bob Bishop in the News

17 08 2009

MagicFest 2009 in Twin Falls Twin Falls, ID news (To the video follow this link)
By Rachael Giffoni Story Published: Aug 1, 2009 at 10:32 PM CDT

“It was a magical day in Historic Downtown Twin Falls, with the 2009 MagicFest in full swing.

The festival ran from July 31st and will continue to August 2nd.

The magic was coordinated by Kip Sherry Magic and six other Idaho magicians.

Magician Bob Bishop said, “We’ve been doing some close-up magic, some stage magic, illusions and card tricks and coin tricks, and a lot of laughter, a lot of comedy, just to bring joy to people.”

Merchants throughout historic downtown sponsored over 70 hours of individual magic performances. The show is an effort to boost the revitalization of historic downtown. It was about a year in the making.

For Bishop, it’s a chance to bring joy to others.

Bishop said, “I enjoy bringing happiness and joy to other people. There’s a lot of mystery. I think people have lost the mystery, the wonder of life. Magic is that fun way of bringing mystery and wonder back to life.”

Twin Falls Mayor Lance Clow says he hopes to make the magic show a permanent part of the Magic Valley.”

The Gift of Magic Show

17 08 2009

2009-07 210

Magicians to Headline a Free Community Event! BOISE – Boise Little Theater and The Jeker Family Trust have partnered to present ‘The Gift of Magic,’ a free magic show for the community, featuring well known Odyssey Illusion magicians, “Mister X” and Jason Byers. Two free performances are scheduled for August 22 at 3pm and 7pm at Boise Little Theater, located behind St. Luke’s Hospital in downtown Boise, 100 East Fort Street.

Boise Little Theater President, Wendy Koeppl, said of the performance, “This is a quality show and we are extremely pleased to host free of charge, this wonderful family event. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of The Jeker Family Trust, we are able to present a free magic show; it’s a terrific gift for the entire community.” ‘The Gift of Magic’ performances will feature talented magicians, “Mister X” (aka Bob Bishop) and Jason Byers.

Both magicians have been entertaining Idaho audiences for over a combined 50 years, with mastery illusions, humor, and mind-boggling magic. “Mister X” is known as the Math Magician and uses illusions and magic as an educational tool. Jason Byers is an award-winning illusionist and an expert in the art of deception. Children of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy ‘The Gift of Magic.’

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12 08 2009

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