How Does a Creative Person Think?

22 08 2009


                Thinking of many ideas

                The free flow of thought

                The generation of quantity, the most

                A large number of relevant responses


                Thinking of different ways to do or use things.

                Providing for shifts in categories of thought

                Entertaining differing points of view

               Considering alternate plans


                    Thinking of different, unique things.

                   The production of unusual or unanticipated responses

                   Characterized by novelty and uniqueness

                    Clever, remote, unusual, inventive responses


                    Thinking of details and embellishments to an idea.

                    To refine, embellish, or enrich an idea, plan or product

                    To make a simple idea or response elegant by adding detail

                    To provide illuminating, descriptive dimensions


                  Thinking of ways to connect dissimilar things

                  To connect ideas and objects with analogies

                 To call attention to a similarity between two dissimilar things

                To make the strange familiar and the familiar strange



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